About us

JSC “Litnaglis” is a private equity company situated approximately 60 km away from the Port of Klaipėda.
“Litnaglis” performs its activity in three main directions: production of nails for wooden pallets and packages, wholesale trade of wire rod and wire intended for nail manufacturing and production of polished wire.
JSC “Litnaglis” is a fast growing company. We use modern technologies enabling us to offer the best solutions and provide as good as possible service and product quality to our customers.

Nail manufacturing

Our company is a member of EPAL organisation and has certificates to produce EPAL nails. We can also offer a comprehensive range of machine quality loose nails – ring, screw, smooth from 2.5 mm to 4,0 mm in diameter and from 28 mm to 100 mm in length.
About 60% of our production comes from wire coil nails. We can offer flat coil, conical coil and Jumbo coil nails. Depending on the type of coil the nail length may vary from 28 mm to 100 mm, diameter - from 2,0 mm to 3,4 mm.
We are also engaged in a retail trade of pneumatic coil nailers by Basso, Max and Apach.
We export about 90% of our production. With a monthly output of more than 1800 tons of nails Litnaglis has become one of the leading companies in Europe manufacturing nails for wooden pallets and packages.

Wire production

After obtaining a special wire polishing system  we can offer perfectly smooth, polished wire in coils without any residues.
The cleaning method is absolutely ecological. In the process of cleaning no chemicals or acids are used. All the work is done by special cleaning heads. After cleaning and polishing the wire is fully prepared for further processing and coating.
This type of wire is intended for the manufacture of various metal products like racks, shopping trolleys etc.

Wire rod Wholesale

We can offer wire rod for various applications. We buy it only from reliable partners, thus we can guarantee flawless quality and competitive price.
We can offer the following grades – SAE 1006 and SAE 1008 ; diameters -5,5 mm 6,0 mm, 6,5 mm and 8,0 mm