The company is working with the German Corporate WAFIOS high-powered nail-manufacturing machine N80 and N90 partially connected to the threading machine GW 92. The machines are equipped with the appropriate dust and metal residue extractors.
The machine technologies comply with the latest applicable technical standards in Germany and the European Union. The machines have a sensitive length and quality control.
Nails are produced directly without any use of  oil or emulsion. Produced nails are suitable for the manufacture of wooden pallets.

The company Koch is one of the leading companies producing machinery for wire drawing. It has the following advantages:

  • Increased productivity due to higher drawing speed and mill utilization options.
  • Substantial improvement in the quality of finished wire by gentler wire treatment during the drawing process and optimization of wire cooling
  • Easier management
  • Improved environmental conditions for more effective protection against dust
  • Increased flexibility and lower power consumption thanks to high-speed
  • Reduced noise level compared to the older design machines


Wire drawing machine KOCH allows ourselves to make the required diameter of the highest quality wire nails, as well as ensuring  fast, high-quality production of nails as per specific requests of our customers.